Scientific breakthrough toward the elimination of widespread diseases


  • New natural ways to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, COVID,
    and other common diseases now officially recognized
  • Patent offices of the USA and other countries confirm far-reaching scientific
    findings on natural micronutrient combinations

San Jose, California, December 2022. Amid a global economic crisis comes what is arguably the most important news for some time, for the health of billions of people worldwide: the effectiveness of a whole range of scientifically developed, natural micronutrient combinations has now been officially recognized for the first time by the patent office of the USA and other countries. This opens the door to the natural prevention of common diseases on a global scale.


The natural prevention of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other widespread diseases is now in sight

The United States Patent Office, an agency of the US government, has officially recognized the effect of scientifically developed micronutrient combinations for the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure: natural relaxation of the blood vessel wall
  • Diabetes: natural lowering of blood sugar and stimulation of in sulin production
  • COVID-19: natural inhibition of coronavirus infection pathways
  • Cancer: natural inhibition of cancer cell proliferation
  • Eyes: natural protection of eye function from oxidative damage


For each of these patents, comprehensive scientific documentation had to be provided, which demonstrated both the unique composition of vitamins and other micronutrients, and the biological effectiveness of these combinations.


Micronutrient synergy optimizes cell metabolism

The medical breakthrough that led to the patent recognition of the world’s first micronutrient combinations in the fight against common diseases is no fluke. It is the result of a comprehensive natural health research, especially into the significance of vitamins and other micronutrients that have an essential role in cell metabolism. This includes optimizing biochemical reactions inside the cell, providing biological energy for all cellular metabolic processes, promoting health through the optimal production of collagen and other stability molecules by the body cells, and numerous other vital functions. For the development of the now-patented micronutrient combinations, hundreds of micronutrients of natural origin were examined for their biological efficacy in the prevention of disease processes. The most effective combinations of natural compounds were selected and submitted to the patent offices for review.


Pioneering work of the Dr. Rath Research Institute

Over the past three decades, the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California has been leading research into how different micronutrients work together to enhance and optimize cellular metabolism. This research focused on unraveling the interaction of various micronutrients to optimize numerous cellular functions. This approach is now known as “micronutrient synergy.”

The Institute’s research results have so far been published in more than 130 scientific publications, subjected to scientific peer review by independent scientists. Therefore, the recognition by the Patent Office of the biological effects of various novel combinations of micronutrients entirely warranted.


Cellular Medicine – the basis of modern, prevention-oriented health care

The fact that diseases do not originate at the level of organs but at the level of cells led to the founding of cellular pathology by Rudolf Virchow as early as the 19th century. The recent scientific confirmation that specific combinations of vitamins and other micronutrients can significantly contribute to optimizing cell metabolism – and thus to the prevention of diseases – is based on Cellular Medicine.

This new medical research direction has immediate significance for health care worldwide: it forms the scientific basis for the prevention-oriented health care of the future.

Significantly, the independent research of the Dr. Rath Research Institute was not funded by pharmaceutical companies or governmental organizations, but by tens of thousands of people worldwide who were able to use these research results directly to improve their health and well-being.


The importance of these patents

  • Basic importance

The granting of a patent has a fundamental significance. It states that an invention or discovery is novel, and that this knowledge was not previously available anywhere in the world. In relation to micronutrient combinations, the patents now granted imply that these findings are unique, and that this uniqueness is protected.

  • Difference from pharmaceutical patents

The patents granted in connection with the natural prevention of diseases are fundamentally different from patents in the pharmaceutical industry.The pharmaceutical industry is a global investment industry whose marketplace is the continuation of disease. Patents and the associated patent royalties are the basis for the entire business model of the pharmaceutical industry.

Since patents serve the protection of pharmaceutical products or the pharmaceutical business model as a whole, pharmaceutical patents aim to cement diseases as global marketplaces – not to eliminate them. The prevention and elimination of diseases are incompatible with the continuation of this investment industry.

In contrast, micronutrient research and Cellular Medicine aim at the prevention of diseases. The legal protection of natural products and the prevention market as a whole, therefore, aims at warding off – and, in the long run, the elimination of – diseases. Thus, natural medicine patents have a directly opposite goal to that of pharmaceutical patents, namely eliminating diseases.

  • Difference from other health patents

From time to time, the general health industry also refers to the term “patented technology.” However, this usually involves certain technical extraction processes of ingredients or certain processing or administration forms of individual substances. These patents say nothing about the biological effectiveness of these products. They merely give the impression that these are special products, which is usually used to justify a higher price.

In contrast, the patented micronutrient combinations presented here have been extensively researched and tested for their biological efficacy in various cellular mechanisms and human systems – and it is this biological effectiveness of the natural health formulas that is recognized under patent law.



The triumph of vitamin research in the prevention of
common diseases

The recent comprehensive recognition of micronutrient research sets the course for the entire field of medicine and health care on a global scale. It marks the end of an age when common diseases primarily served an investment industry that depended on their continued existence as a marketplace for pharmaceutical preparations. For humanity as a whole, this achievement was not given to us voluntarily, but had to be won over many decades by responsible scientists and millions of committed people.

Because of the importance of this moment in the history of medicine, it is worth looking back at this historical debate over the past 100 years:

  • In the first decades of the last century, no fewer than a dozen Nobel Prizes were awarded for the health significance of vitamins in preventing human diseases.
  •  The prevention of disease through vitamins and other natural substances posed an existential threat to the pharmaceutical business, which had constructed a global investment industry with stakeholders in politics, medicine, and the media worldwide.
  •  Led by some of the main pharmaceutical exporting countries, these investment interests succeeded – especially in the second half of the 20th century – in turning back the wheel of history again. Employing a worldwide ban on statements about natural remedies, Codex Alimentarius and other measures took the health of all humanity hostage in the interests of the pharmaceutical investment industry.
  • In the early 1990s, Dr. Rath, together with two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, published new scientific findings that established chronic vitamin deficiency as the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other common diseases.
  • These scientific findings were the impetus that incentivized a health-concerned public and resulted in the unanimous passing of the Dietary Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in the US Congress back in 1994, a law that lifted the 100-year-old censorship on vitamin research. This historic step led to a worldwide
    explosion of vitamin and micronutrient research.
  • In the field of cardiovascular disease, this development led to almost halving mortality from heart attacks on a global scale over the following three decades.
  • In 2019, in the field of cancer, the scientific findings of vitamin research were also so compelling that the world’s largest cancer research institute, the US government‘s National Cancer Institute, explicitly recommended the therapeutic use of vitamin C to the world’s doctors in the fight against the cancer epidemic. l The fact that the biological effectiveness of natural micronutrient combinations in the fight against common diseases has now been officially recognized is merely a final – but decisive – step towards a world with fewer diseases.


Turn of the tide: end of defamation and censorship of natural health research

The days of publicly discrediting scientifically based natural therapies and enacting protectionist laws to censor them are over. From now on, the only thing left for the lobbyists of the status quo is the blatant construction of an economic dictatorship in the interest of the pharmaceutical business, which is trying to force the continuation of this investment business – even against the will of broad sections of the population – with dictatorial measures.

However, these attempts will be so evident that they will ultimately fail. Billions of people worldwide will help the truth to break through. New ways of disseminating information digitally, such as Twitter, will assist in this process.

Scientifically developed and recognized natural health approaches, such as micronutrient research, are paving the way for the age of preventive health care. From now on, the prevention and long-term elimination of widespread diseases must be the goal of any responsible health policy – from a humanitarian and economic point of view.