The world’s first patented health technology to help to fight certain viral infections – naturally


Effective micronutrient combination as responsible public health strategy
to help end the COVID-19 pandemic

This breakthrough technology represents the first science-based micronutrient combination recognized by the US Patent Office that

  • Helps prevent and treat COVID-19 infections;
  • Simultaneously inhibits all pathways of infectivity used by all variants/mutations of the coronavirus to infect the human body, i.e., cellular binding, viral uptake, multiplication, and spread;
  • Defends human body cells against all known coronavirus variants/mutations;
  • Represents an effective and safe strategy to potentially prevent future COVID pandemics;
  • Constitutes the only science-based approach to end the COVID-109 pandemic that is natural and, therefore, safe for everyone;
  • Is plant-based and, therefore, accessible and affordable in all countries of the world;

Graphical Summary of This Health Technology

Conventional vaccine-based strategy:

  • Focus on developing antibodies against individual coronavirus variants/mutations
  • Reactive – a vaccine developed against one coronavirus variant /mutation does not necessarily protect against other – or future – virus variants/mutations

Modern micronutrient-based strategy:

  • Focus on protecting body cells against all coronavirus variants/mutations by simultaneously inhibiting all pathways of viral infectivity (graph, steps 1-4)
  • Preventive – since all current coronavirus variants/mutations – and most likely all future ones — use the same pathways to cause infections

For all these reasons, this health technology represents the only currently known public health strategy that has the potential to control the COVID-19 pandemic globally.


This public health information has consequences for every citizen of America  and the world. In some countries, including the US, mandatory vaccinations with RNA/DNA vaccines have been propagated as the only science-based approach to the COVID-19 pandemic for more than two years.

Now, more and more evidence has been accumulating that these ‘genetic vaccines’ cannot provide immunity against COVID-19 infections. Moreover, this type of vaccine is associated with severe side effects, especially among young people. These include dangerous cardiovascular complications and even death. Despite these indisputable side effects, some governments continue to promote this experimental type of vaccine to millions of people – including children and young people.

Now, this new patented health technology – based exclusively on natural and safe ingredients – offers new perspectives on the global fight against COVID-19. This is particularly relevant for those groups of our society confronted with mandatory vaccinations.


For children and young people

Many schools have decided to require mandatory vaccination under the pressure of public ‘guidelines’ – as well as the narrative of certain media – describing vaccines as the only protection against COVID-19. This pressure left hundreds of thousands of parents in a dilemma to make a far-reaching choice: Allow vaccination of their child, despite the growing evidence of severe side effects associated with RNA/DNA vaccines – or risk the ban of their child from the education system.

The effective and safe health strategy presented here promises to end this dilemma. It provides the opportunity to increase the resistance of children and adults against current and future COVID-19 infections – and thus the spread of COVID-19 – among students, teachers, and staff.

Parents and schools should make sure that the scientifically proven health benefits of micronutrients in strengthening the immune system and protecting against COVID-19 infections are becoming part of the curriculum at schools everywhere. Moreover, micronutrient-rich school nutrition programs should replace mandatory vaccine policies and become science-based and safe alternatives.

Just like with schools, many colleges and universities still require anti-COVID vaccination for all students. Micronutrient-based health programs should now be offered to all students to help protect them against COVID and future pandemics.

Eventually, all parts of society will benefit from this breakthrough health technology.

More groups affected by mandatory vaccination

Healthcare Workers

In many states, healthcare workers have been subject to mandatory vaccination, although with growing concern. Healthcare workers are first-line witnesses of the inability of RNA/DNA vaccines to protect against infection. They are also confronted with the multitude of serious short- and long-term side effects of vaccinations in patients they take care of in hospitals and other parts of the healthcare system.

Many physicians and healthcare workers from reputable medical/research institutions have been publicly questioning the justification of such vaccine mandates. Now healthcare professionals anywhere can take advantage of the natural health technology presented here and help protect themselves, their colleagues, and patients against COVID-19 in a natural and safe way. The biological efficacy of this patented micronutrient formulation provides the scientific basis for understanding how the infectivity of coronaviruses – its variants and mutants – is controlled by micronutrients. Its efficacy in preventive and adjunct therapy can now be clinically confirmed everywhere.

Police and Military Personnel

Members of the military and the police force in many states have also been subjected to mandatory vaccinations. The growing resistance to the enforcement of these mandatory measures has already reached a level that compromises both services. Now, the political decision-takers have a safe alternative available to improve the immune system of servicemen and police officers anywhere and help improve their protection against current and future COVID pandemics.

The same is true for any other sector of society that, thus far, has been subject to compulsory vaccination.

Who should take immediate advantage of this breakthrough


  • Doctors and other therapists share overall responsibility for the well-being of their patients. By their professional and ethical standards, they are required to provide the best and safest care to their patients. One paramount ethical principle for any therapist is ‘above all, do not harm,’ a pledge that can now be applied to cope with the COVID pandemic in clinics and doctor’s offices everywhere. The artificial monopoly of RNA/DNA vaccines as the only scientifically proven approach to cope with the coronavirus pandemic has been broken.
  • From now on, scientifically evaluated micronutrient combinations – recognized by US and international patents –considerably widen the available preventive and therapeutic options. To prevent future COVID pandemics, they even have to be considered a ‘first choice’ due to their universal efficacy in inhibiting the mechanisms of infection for all coronavirus variants and mutations.
  • Doctors and therapists, in general, should now assume an educational role in their community. Informing the entire community about these natural alternatives as part of the COVID response constitutes an invaluable service to any community. Every public lecture in this context counteracts the unjustified promotion of RNA/DNA vaccines as the only available answer to COVID.
  • This ‘bottom up’ community health education strategy by responsible local doctors and therapists also contributes to neutralizing the devastating impact of a ‘top down’ promotion of indefinite booster vaccinations on behalf of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment business.

Health Insurers

  • Health insurers and health maintenance organizations must have the interest to help finance effective healthcare at the most affordable costs. The strategy of using effective and affordable micronutrient combinations as part of public health strategies to fight the COVID pandemic fulfills these criteria.
  • The systematic integration of defined micronutrient-based technologies into healthcare plans will significantly reduce health costs for insurers and healthcare in general.
  • Moreover, due to the universal efficacy of this micronutrient combination against all coronaviruses – current and future ones – this breakthrough technology is the only scientifically validated approach currently available to end the coronavirus pandemic altogether.


  • Large and small companies should pass on this potentially life-saving information to their employees.
  • Large and small corporations anywhere should provide their employees’ coverage for an optimum supply of effective micronutrients to boost the immune system and help curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They should consider investing in further research into science-based natural and preventive health approaches – to benefit their employees and society at large.

Communities and Governments

  • Governments at all levels – local, regional and national – should promote this information to the people who voted them into power and to whom they are accountable.
  • Science-based natural health must become an integral part of public healthcare everywhere – helping to prevent common diseases beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The establishment of evidence-based medicine must replace the current monopoly of pharmaceutical approaches. Priority must be given to effective and safe prevention. These steps are preconditions for effective healthcare and curbing healthcare costs.

Natural Health Community

  • Science-based preventive health approaches based on micronutrients must become an integral part of any public healthcare. All natural health approaches should be scientifically validated in order to widen the credibility of this healthcare segment.
  • Natural health therapists, health food stores, and community advocates should become the cornerstones of prevention-oriented healthcare and educate their communities about the explosion of knowledge in this field over recent years.
  • For almost three decades, our research institute has pioneered the path of science-based natural approaches toward the control of today’s most widespread diseases. Based on this comprehensive research, we have been awarded US and international patents for the natural control of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, eye diseases, and others. For more information, click here.

Important documents

That this groundbreaking health technology developed at the Dr. Rath Research Institute was awarded a US patent is no coincidence. This independent research organization has been a leader in natural health research for almost a quarter of a century, with over 130 scientific publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals documented on PubMed to date. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, science-based natural health research and advocacy in the global fight against this pandemic have become a focus at the institute.

Open Letters

Press Releases

Scientific publications of the Dr. Rath Research Institute on this topic in peer-reviewed journals:

Scientific presentation at a joint conference of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the WHO (Kiev, 2021)

Global public health information


A prime resource for scientific publications in medicine is, the medical online library maintained by the US National Institutes of Health.

A search with the terms

  • COVID + vitamin results in more than 1,700 scientific publications;
  • COVID + Polyphenol, a group of bioactive plant ingredients used in the micronutrient combination results in more than 100 publications.

The global research about the health benefits of micronutrients in connection with COVID has been growing exponentially.

It is noteworthy, however, that most of these scientific publications investigated individual micronutrients for specific physiological effects in relation to the coronavirus.

In contrast, the scientific work at the Dr. Rath Research Institute was the first to systematically test a multitude of micronutrient combinations in order to establish their synergetic biological effects in simultaneously inhibiting key pathways of coronavirus infectivity,

  1. including
    • viral internalization (viral binding and its entry into the cell),
    • viral replication (multiplication inside human cells),
    • viral egress (cellular exit of newly formed viruses required for their infectivity).

For details please see experiments described in the publications of the US-Patent Office.

  1. Our institute was the first to file for patents for this important health technology – a step necessary to protect this valuable health technology and allow it to be passed on, free of charge – to public healthcare plans in America and beyond.

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