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Dear Mr. De Wever,

With this letter, I am addressing you as the Mayor of the city of Antwerp that is currently facing a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

While there is no pharmaceutical drug or vaccine available for the people to date, there are striking findings from the field of science-based natural health that can immediately benefit millions of citizens in your city, your province, and beyond.

Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki, who heads our research institute, and I worked closely with the late two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling on the health benefits of natural bioactive molecules and, over the past decades, have greatly expanded this potentially life-saving research. We feel that, in this precarious situation, it is our responsibility to inform you and the people of Antwerp about our recent breakthrough using micronutrients towards the control of the coronavirus pandemic.

The scientific breakthrough

To enter human body cells and cause infection, all coronaviruses require a specific type of ‘entry door’ known as Angiotensin-Converting-Enzyme 2 (ACE2). Without this receptor in the wall of our body cells, no infection with coronaviruses can occur.

A team of scientists from the Dr. Rath Research Institute, led by Dr. Niedzwiecki and Dr. Vadim Ivanov, have now convincingly demonstrated that vitamin C and certain other micronutrients are able to significantly lower the number of ACE2 receptors in those cells particularly affected by coronavirus infections, i.e. the lung (epithelial) cells and blood vessel (endothelial) cells.

Even more effective than individual micronutrients were defined combinations of these bioactive molecules. Such combinations were able to suppress the production of ACE2 receptors by up to 81 percent, suggesting a massive decrease in the chances of infection.

Micronutrients versus vaccines

All currently reported vaccine candidates from the USA, the United Kingdom, China, and other countries focus on blocking the interaction of the virus with ACE2 receptors by raising antibodies to this coupling. Our research, however, shows a much more direct – and safer – way to achieve these results: an optimum dietary intake of specific micronutrients can influence the cellular ‘software’, the DNA of these human body cells, in such a way that the production of these viral ‘entry doors’ is massively decreased. Any such cellular regulation by natural means is preferable to attempting to artificially block viral binding with synthetic drugs or vaccines. The high amount of side effects already now reported with various vaccine candidates provide additional reason for concern.

In addition, vitamins and other micronutrients are essential for optimum function of the immune system, enhancing production, migration, and the microbial-killing capacity of defending leukocytes – facts that are documented in every leading textbook of biology and biochemistry. Moreover, on pubmed.gov, the world’s largest online medical library, more than 100,000 studies are listed under search terms such as “infection” and “vitamin” – a fact that any citizen can instantly verify.

Thus, as opposed to any vaccine that may only be effective against a very specific microorganism, micronutrients increase immune resistance in general, thus helping to reduce the risk of any future pandemic, including those with as yet unknown pathogens.

In summary: Effective immediately, there is now a safe and affordable health approach available to the people and government of the province of Antwerp – and in fact the entire world – to help control the current pandemic and prevent future ones.

Helping people now!

The Dr. Rath Research Institute is a non-profit organization and, therefore, its ethical standards are superior to an industry that considers the current pandemic as a multi-billion Euro investment opportunity to promote patented synthetic drugs or vaccines.

Already in another field, cancer, the pioneering work of our research team has had global implications. Here too, we had to defend these advances in natural health against the above-mentioned interests.  Finally, in January this year, the US National Cancer Institute advocated the use of intravenous vitamin C in the fight against the cancer epidemic.

The current pandemic is yet another challenge where we offer our know-how in natural health science to reduce the suffering – and the financial burden – from preventable diseases. As a non-profit organization we offer all our scientific knowledge to the people of Belgium and beyond with the goal to improve the immune resistance of the entire population. This is the only way to help protect their health against both any mutation of the coronavirus and as yet unknown viral threats.

The way forward

Based on the above information, no time should be lost. In the interest of the health and lives of the citizens of your city and beyond – and in the interests of decreasing the devastating economic costs of yet another lockdown – I am asking you to:

  • Encourage the people of your city and province to increase their daily intake of vitamin C and, if possible, other micronutrients.
  • Make sure that citizens in the most vulnerable parts of the community, above all in schools, hospitals and senior homes, receive an optimum supply of dietary supplements to enhance their immune systems.
  • Immediately start developing public health strategies based on science-based natural and nutritional health approaches. My research team and I are willing to meet with you at any time in order to share our know-how with you.

As a matter of transparency, I will share this letter with the people of Antwerp, Belgium and beyond as an Open Letter. In parallel, our Foundation will take educational steps to increase public knowledge about the important role of vitamins and other micronutrients to improve public health.

Looking forward to hearing from you,








Dr. med. M. Rath

CC: Members of the City Council of Antwerp