The world stands at the brink of World War III. This war will be fought with nuclear weapons and may signalize the end of civilization as we know it today.

The single most important measure to prevent such a war is understanding the driving economic forces behind the previous world war, World War I and World War II. The number of civilian and military lives lost in these two wars together already surpasses 100 million. The economic and social aftermaths of this force can still be felt today.

This website tears down the deceptive veil that previous world wars were caused by rivaling European empires or by racial and ethnic hatred. As this website documents in authentic records, both wars were the direct and immediate result of German chemical/pharmaceutical corporations, namely BAYER, BASF, and HOECHST, seeking world dominance for their giant global markets for patented synthetic drugs and chemicals.

In 1925, these German companies formed the world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical trust, the IG Farben Cartel. As the records of the Nuremberg trials reveal, the IG Farben Cartel was the single largest donor to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, the turnover of German democracy into a dictatorship, and the technical and logistical preparation of Germany for WWII. IG Farben provided the German Wehrmacht with 100% of all explosives for a six-year-long world war – for the relatively small nation of Germany to rule the world.
After the military conquest of the world, one of the key economic instruments to keep this control would have been patents. This legal tool would have assigned ownership of tens of thousands of synthetic products to these German corporations, with the consequence of involuntary tribute payments by hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide for more than 50% of all products used on an average day, including all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines – but also plastics, colors, synthetic cloth fabric, synthetic rubber, fertilizers, pesticides and thousands of other household and technical products.

The head of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, BAYER Director Fritz Ter Meer, was sentenced in 1948 during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal (Case VI) to prison for genocide, slavery, and other crimes against humanity.
After World War II, these corporate interests spent billions of dollars to hide their criminal past – with one goal: to make a third attempt at world conquest by political, economic, and military means.

Today, the pharmaceutical investment business has spread from Germany to a handful of other countries that essentially hold a monopoly over patented drugs and vaccines and dominate people’s health in more than 150 countries. The political coordinating office for these interests is the Brussels EU Commission, led by an unelected German politician, Ursula von der Leyen, and the US White House with its Chief of Staff Ron Klain, a former pharmaceutical investment lobbyist and ‘strong man’ behind Joe Biden.
This website provides historical documents that should enter every school and every history textbook. Above all, the information documented here aims at preventing imminent World War III.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana

This is a unique website for people and scholars alike. On the basis of historical documents, we expose the pharmaceutical investment business as the greatest threat to world peace for more than a century. Moreover, for people interested in understanding the geopolitical events of today, it will be an invaluable resource center.


The German chemical/pharmaceutical industry’s attempt at world conquest during the 20th century

This website sets the records straight about the biggest fake news in recorded history. The history textbooks teach us that World War I was a “clash of superpowers” at the beginning of the 20th century. They also teach us that World War II, one generation later, was initiated by a group of psychopaths in Berlin and carried out by millions of blindfolded German puppets. The truth is much more straightforward: both wars were attempts by the giant German chemical/pharmaceutical corporations at world conquest. Without the technical, financial, and logistical support of these corporations, neither of these wars would ever have taken place.

  • The complete set of documents from Case VI can be accessed on the Profit Over Life website, above.An authoritative summary was published in the book “OMGUS”.
  • The driving economic force behind the “Brussels EU”
    After the two military attempts at world conquest, World War I and World War II, on behalf of the German chemical/pharmaceutical corporations, had failed, they did not give up on this plan. As chief economic and political architects of the so-called “Brussels EU”, they were seeking the same goals as the infamous “Nazi/IG FARBEN coalition” [Indictment by U.S. prosecutor Telford Taylor in Nuremberg]. These goals were the economic and political control over Europe and – from that platform – the third attempt at the economic conquest of the world. Today, the “Brussels EU” functions as the politburo for coordinating the global interests of the German pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

  • A summary of the dark roots of the “Brussels EU” is documented in the book shown above.
  • An entire library, documenting these roots and the economic and political goals of the Nazi/IG FARBEN coalition for Europe and the World, can be accessed in the books shown above.


The German pharmaceutical/chemical industry’s attempt at world conquest during the 21st century

The beginning of the 21st century has been characterized by a systematic replacement of patented pharmaceutical drugs by science-based natural health approaches. This explosion of knowledge in non-patentable natural health threatens the very foundation of a multitrillion-dollar investment business whose return on investment (ROI) is dependent on patentability.

It is therefore no surprise that these special interests and their lobbyists in politics, media and medicine are abusing the current pandemic in an attempt to reverse this development and to secure the future of their questionable business model – even against the will of the people.

The driving force behind this heinous strategy are those countries with the highest economic benefit from continuing this pharmaceutical export business. Currently, the health and welfare of almost 200 nations in the world is determined by a handful of pharmaceutical export nations. Leading among them is Germany with almost 20 percent of global drug exports, the total Brussels EU coordinating roughly three quarters of such exports, followed by the U.S. The current policies of these countries are, therefore, all determined by the overall goal to secure the continuation and expansion of the multitrillion-dollar drug investment business. This includes political measures to pave the way for global vaccine marketing strategies, as well as military threats against countries not willing to be subjugated to these interests.


Securing the continuation of the pharmaceutical investment business under a global corporate dictatorship

In many countries of the world, the gradual abolition of human rights during the current pandemic has been compared to events that took place eight decades ago, when democracy in Germany was replaced by a dictatorship. This comparison – which had devastating consequences for the world – has been vilified by the lobbyists of the pharmaceutical investment business.

Above, we document a book written by an eyewitness to the gradual conversion of all sectors of German society and their subjugation under a fateful coalition of corporate greed and political power.

We leave it up to you, as you read this book, to make a judgement about any historical parallels.

The German governments of the 21st century are no Nazis – but they serve the very same economic interests that brought the Nazis to power and provided them the economic, technical, and logistical support to conduct World War II – the German pharmaceutical/chemical industry.


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