Cellular Health Education (CHE) allows you to discover your body at the level of cells – and tells you how to maintain your well-being.

Understanding health through visual education

Due to its understandable language and its unique graphical representations it is particularly suited for modern teaching in schools and other educational institutions. The apps are suitable for people of all ages interested in health.

How you can benefit from CHE

  • CHE is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn health skills to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • CHE believes that everyone has the right to a world-class health education and empowers people of all ages to take action.
  • CHE will create an unparalleled collection of free online courses with a focus on science based natural health.
  • CHE starts with introducing you to the most important organ of your body – your heart – in a way you’ve never seen it.

We are convinced that the information you learn here will stay with you for the rest of your life – and will likely help to improve it.


Body XQ

Body XQ is the world’s first interactive education program that enables you to take a virtual journey through the human body, explore the functions of the organs and develop a deep understanding of the significance of optimum nutrient supply. The value of nutrients cannot be emphasized enough. Nutrition, in particular under-or overnutrition, is one of the most significant life-style determinants of physical and mental health. Via the visualization of the pathways by which nutrients affect health, we create awareness about the devastating health implications of malnutrition and empower you to make better decisions for your own health and that of others.

If you realize that the health and lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide are dependent on the correct knowledge about the origin of diseases, you should take the next step: inform yourself in more detail about the health benefits of micronutrients in the fight against cardiovascular disease, cancer and other common health problems.

Modern, prevention-oriented health care systems will have to be founded on the principles of cellular health.

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BodyXQ – Heart
BodyXQ – Cancer