I would like to share my story with you in the hope that the information will help other diabetics with similar conditions. More importantly, I am hopeful this information will keep other diabetics from ever having to experience the frustration and debil-itating pain involved with peripheral neuropathy, as I have.

For many years I have been suffering from diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. My toes were turning dark blue and purple, and I did not have any feeling in them. The prognosis was very grim; if my condition did not get better I could lose my toes, if not my feet.

I was looking for a treatment that would help this condition. Then I learned about your Cellular Health recommendations. After about a week of following your program, to my delight, my toes became a bright maroon color instead of blue and purple, and much to my amazement, hair was beginning to grow again on my legs, telling me that blood was reaching the hair follicles.

By the second week, my legs were not cramping as often or as badly, but by the end of the third week, my feet and ankles were giving me excruciating pain. I mentioned what was happening to me to a friend who is a druggist. He happily told me that he believed the nerves were regenerating. Feeling, which has been absent for several years, is coming back in my feet. I can feel the inside of my shoes again. I am now starting the third month on your program.

Your Cellular Health recommendations, coupled with my stationery bicycle and insulin adjustments and suggestions from my dietitian, are all elements in helping me fight the battle and win.