I am a 69-year-old woman employed full-time in a position that requires close attention to detail and considerable adjustment to time constraints.

At the beginning of last year, during my annual physical examina-tion, my physician stated that I had developed glucose intoler-ance and that the ultimate result would be diabetes unless I immediately began countermeasures.

I then met with a diabetic counselor, and gave her all the infor-mation that I possessed concerning your cardiovascular micronu-trient program. Following this consultation, I started your pro-gram. I also modified my diet, began to exercise regularly and have lost a substantial amount of weight.

Now, one year later, my doctor informs me that my diabetic condition is in full remission. Furthermore, my blood pressure is in the normal range, my blood tests are all excellent, my energy has noticeably increased and my general condition is once again first rate.

Dr. Rath, I attribute the turnaround in my health to your vitamin program.

Thank you.