I am a 69-year-old woman employed full-time in a position that requires close attention to detail and considerable adjustment to time constraints.

At the beginning of last year, during my annual physical examina-tion, my physician stated that I had developed glucose intoler-ance and that the ultimate result would be diabetes unless I immediately began countermeasures.

I then met with a diabetic counselor, and gave her all the infor-mation that I possessed concerning your cardiovascular micronu-trient program. Following this consultation, I started your pro-gram. I also modified my diet, began to exercise regularly and have lost a substantial amount of weight.

Now, one year later, my doctor informs me that my diabetic condition is in full remission. Furthermore, my blood pressure is in the normal range, my blood tests are all excellent, my energy has noticeably increased and my general condition is once again first rate.

Dr. Rath, I attribute the turnaround in my health to your vitamin program.

Thank you.

M. B.

I am a 55-year-old Caucasian male weighing 154 pounds. I lead a very sedentary life spending most of my time sitting behind a desk in front of a computer. About 20 years ago, I was diagnosed as a Type II (adult onset) diabetic and placed on oral medication and dietary restrictions to control my blood sugar levels. These precautions seemed to work up to about a year ago when my blood sugar went to about 260 and remains fairly steady. This fact caused my physician (an endocrinologist) to change my medication and drastically increase my dosage. He is currently seeing me on a monthly basis in an attempt to stabilize my condi-tion.

In February of 1986, I underwent quintuple bypass surgery to remedy severe angina and all the other symptoms of cardiovascu-lar disease. Since the operation, I have not experienced any symp-toms such as pain, shortness of breath or irregular heartbeat. I have followed your cardiovascular nutrient program every day as prescribed in your instructions for exactly 2 months, and since approximately 2 weeks ago, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy level. I can accomplish much more in my daily work, I find myself eager to stay up late and recently, I found myself out dancing late at night with my wife just as I used to do about 20 years ago. Since nothing in my daily routine has changed except the advent of your program, I must conclude that this newly found “fountain of youth” is a direct result of your program.

In closing, I am grateful to your vitamin program for the improve-ments shown thus far. Please feel free to use this letter, or any part thereof, as a testimonial to your efforts.

N. M.

I would like to share my story with you in the hope that the information will help other diabetics with similar conditions. More importantly, I am hopeful this information will keep other diabetics from ever having to experience the frustration and debil-itating pain involved with peripheral neuropathy, as I have.

For many years I have been suffering from diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. My toes were turning dark blue and purple, and I did not have any feeling in them. The prognosis was very grim; if my condition did not get better I could lose my toes, if not my feet.

I was looking for a treatment that would help this condition. Then I learned about your Cellular Health recommendations. After about a week of following your program, to my delight, my toes became a bright maroon color instead of blue and purple, and much to my amazement, hair was beginning to grow again on my legs, telling me that blood was reaching the hair follicles.

By the second week, my legs were not cramping as often or as badly, but by the end of the third week, my feet and ankles were giving me excruciating pain. I mentioned what was happening to me to a friend who is a druggist. He happily told me that he believed the nerves were regenerating. Feeling, which has been absent for several years, is coming back in my feet. I can feel the inside of my shoes again. I am now starting the third month on your program.

Your Cellular Health recommendations, coupled with my stationery bicycle and insulin adjustments and suggestions from my dietitian, are all elements in helping me fight the battle and win.

M. J.

I started following your cardiovascular vitamin program three months ago. I’m 29 years old and was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Since following your program on a regular basis, I have found my blood glucose level remains around 100 even when under stress, which previously raised my blood glu-cose level.
Your vitamin program and 1-2 extra grams of vitamin C have relieved the primary negative symptoms that I have experienced, such as weakness from low blood sugar levels, pain in the right side from high blood sugar and painful urination from the higher blood sugar levels.
I have found only positive results from your program.


I am a 35-year-old medical professional. One and one-half years ago, due to severe distress in my professional and personal lives, I suddenly experienced bouts of supraventricular tachycardia (fast heartbeat), which forced me into the emergency room every two months over a six-month period. My average heart rate would be 230 beats per minute. This condition was life threatening, and after my third episode, I was referred to the chief of cardiology at the largest hospital in town. After a thorough evaluation, it was conc/uded that I was not suffering from 11anxiety1 11 but a primary electrical problem with my heart and the supraventricular tachy­cardia could occur anytime.
Therefore, he recommended a surgical procedure called cardiac ablation. This procedure involved the insertion of catheters into my subclavian and femoral arteries, threading them to the sinus and atrioventricular nodal regions of the heart. A DC current would cauterize certain regions of the heart theorized to be the cause of this aberrant electrical circuit. Although this procedure was defi­nitely indicated, I was too weakened from my recent bout with tachycardia to consider immediate surgery. I, therefore, resolved to improve my health by strengthening myself nutritionally with vita­mins, minerals and herbal and homeopathie formulas.
My research led me to your cardiovascular health program. Your formulation was specific to my health needs, and it saved me much time considering I would have purchased many bottles of isolated ingredients that are all found in your program. Therefore, I embarked on a religious program of supplementation of the essential nutrients you recommended. lt has been one and one­half years since my last episode. I have increased energy and lit­tle to no chest pain. J look and feel much better. I attribute my success and health to your program.


Thank you for developing your essential nutrient program, which I am currently fo/lowing. Several years ago, I was diagnosed as having Hyperkinetic Heart Syndrome. / took medication for a few years, but did not like how I feit – too slowed down and not able to respond quickly to physical exertion.

During times of great stress, I would have pounding, irregular, and racing heartbeats at nighttime when I was trying to fall
as/eep. Also, when confronted with a stressful encounter during the day, my heart would immediately jump into a racing, pound­ing episode. I heard your lecture in May, and I immediately read two of your books.

A week later, I began fol/owing your cardiovascular vitamin rec­ommendations and within a few days, I was no Jonger experienc­ing pounding, irregular, and racing heartbeats at bedtime. Within a week, I noticed that when confronted with a stressful encounter during the day, my heart did not jump info a racing and pounding episode.
I have taken vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements for sev­eral years, but have never had this amazing result before now! Thank you so very much!


How delightful when, after following your cardiovascular health program for just 2 months, one notices the absence of irregular heartbeats and the freedom to b.reathe freely. Confidence is restored as one has increased vigor and endurance. In a word, one spends less time thinking about the heart and more time enjoying life. Your cardiovascular nutrient program has become the answer for resolving coronary problems. I am happy to have this opportunity of expressing my gratitude for your advanced medica/ research and for your cardiovascular health program.


I am 54 years of age and have had a very irregular heartbeat for at least 20 years. This was diagnosed as second-degree electrical heart block. I have never taken any medication for this. I have had a stress test done approximately every 2 years and the heart block showed up on the EKC. I was told that as long as my heartbeat was regular when I exercised, I did not need any other treatment. In June, I even went back to the doctor where I had my last EKC done so there would be a basis for comparison. The doctor found that there was no longe, any arrhythmia. I have enclosed a copy of his report. I am sure that your cardiovascular vitamin program is responsible for the correction of my irregular heartbeat, as I had not changed my lifestyle in any other respect.


I am excited to teil you of my experience. I am a 60-year-old female who has fought hypertension for the past 20 years with many different types of medications, which would work for a whi/e, then become ineffective and start giving me problems. In November of 19931 new symptoms began for which I was referred to a cardiologist who determined I was welf on my way to a pacemaker. He decided not to treat this aggressively, but instead, through medication. I have avoided surgery. In February of this year, / began experiencing pro/onged bouts of tachycardia and was prescribed new, additional medication. In March, I was introduced to your cardiovascular vitamin pro­gram. Although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try. l’ve Just started my third month on your nutrient program, and I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medication by one-third. The episodes of tachycardia have decreased dramatically, both in intensity and duration. lf an episode occurs, it is almost insignifi­cant. At the same time, I have a/so noted a dramatic effect in that my ank/es are no Jonger swel/ing at the end of a workday. Following my last lab work, my doctor told me, 11Your numbers look like someone half your age. 11 Needless to say, I am a staunch believer in your vitamin program.


In February, I introduced my 74-year-old grandmother to your cardiovascular vitamin program. Her slow and irregular heartbeat had led her doctor to begin preliminary preparations to insta// a pacemaker. After about three weeks on your program, her heart action was sufficiently improved to cause the doctor to postpone this proce­dure. This lady is now a faithful follower of your cardiovascular health program and, although she faces other medica/ challenges, her heart condition continues to improve and the use of a pace­maker is no langer being considered.