In many countries, the term ‘pharmaceutical’ is associated with a genuine quest for health and healing. However, a closer look reveals that this noble quest has been hijacked in Western countries already more than a century ago and subjugated to the rules of corporate greed. However, upon closer examination, the devastating consequences of this investment business model become apparent:

  1. The pharmaceutical investment business is not primarily a health industry serving the well-being of millions of people, but an investment business primarily serving the financial interests of shareholders.
  2. The return on investment (ROI) of this investment business derives from royalties of patented drugs. Thus, the patentability of its drug merchandise signifies the very foundation of this business model.
  3. The marketplaces of the pharmaceutical investment business are ongoing diseases. Thus, maintaining and expanding diseases is an inalienable part of this business model in order to increase shareholder profits.
  4. Effective prevention of diseases aims at eliminating global ‘disease markets’ and threatens this investment business. Preventive and therapeutic use of science-based, but non-patentable health approaches poses a mortal threat to this investment business.
  5. During the 20th century, the financial circles behind this investment business from a handful of Western countries extorted trillions of dollars from the people and nations of the world with this ruse and used this money to bring political parties, governments, media, medicine and the military of Western countries under their control.
  6. This global fraud system – promising health but thriving on the expansion of diseases – was developed into one of the most lucrative investment businesses in the human history – and an economic pillar of capitalist societies.
  7. During the first decades of the 21st century, research on the health benefits of plant-derived bioactive molecules (micronutrients) has become the fastest-growing field of medicine. This explosion of knowledge in science-based non-patentable health will, predictably, cut cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other common diseases – each of them the basis for a multi-billion dollar market with patented pharmaceutical drugs – back to a fraction of today.
  8. The financial circles behind this investment business are faced with tens of trillions of dollars in shareholder losses. Moreover, their political stakeholders in a handful of European and North American countries are threatened by the loss of credibility of their political system that has allowed this fraud to continue over decades at the expense of tens of millions of lives and tens of trillions in health care costs.

The pharmaceutical investment business is exposed as the greatest fraud on humanity since medieval indulgence sales. To prevent the meltdown of the economic and political system of the West, its stakeholders are not excluding a major war to secure its survival. Their desperation feeds their aggression, and they are ready to drag humankind with them into the abyss.

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